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Professional Dog training

Dog Training for the Modern Dog Owner

At Aligned K9, we believe that every dog is an individual, and that training should be tailored to their unique needs. 


My Values

Communication, Empathy, Trust & Love


Meet Noelle


Have you ever thought that if you could capture that special feeling of love between you and your dog that your life could be so much more vivid and full?

As a kid, I noticed I was quite different from most. I was obsessed with animals. Any creature I saw, I’d watch and learn their behaviors so I could find a way to interact and connect with them. One time, when I was about 10 years old, I watched a chipmunk for several days and determined its route from food to where it lived. I sat stock-still for hours, holding my hand full of seeds until the chipmunk climbed right up onto it and allowed me to pet and hold her while filling her cheeks full to bring back to her home under our porch.

When I grew up, I began my work with children while getting my master’s in special education. Because these children do not communicate the same way as adults, I had to become really versed at reading and interpreting behavior patterns through body language and context.

I remember one of my most challenging students acting out “aggressively”, especially on days when I was feeling more of my own negative energy. This student was not intentionally trying to harm me, he simply didn’t understand expectations and felt he had no constructive way of receiving attention. He didn’t know what to do with his energy, so released it by use of what worked for him in the past. This is exactly the way dogs react when owners put unclear or unfair expectations on them.

When COVID hit, red tap appeared in front of me actively being able to connect with and genuinely help my students. This caused me to feel a disconnect in what I loved to do.

I’ve always had dogs and began a small business walking them. It quickly became apparent to me how many people were struggling with communicating and training their k9s. I reached out to learn from other facilities, do research, and work with as many clients dogs as I possibly could. I took on more and more clients until my schedule was full and I felt myself back in alignment with what I loved to do. And so, I decided to train full-time.

My passion and goal as a balanced trainer is to help humans and their dogs become the best, most-fulfilled versions of themselves together by kindling engagement, trust and confident, clear communication.


Aligned K9 graduates

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